Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Back to normal... or is it?

Everything has to start the same day... Tala and Moody's school; I have classes till 10pm; Sol back to normal work hours; Tala has dance at 2; Moody has martial arts at 4:15; Barbi is here and our new Beta fish, Gus!

Gus is our first pet--a gift from Barbi! Moody and Tala are both excited and happy. Barbi explained things to them and how to take care of him. We fear for Gus from Tala the explorer! We told Barbi, the best place to place him is on top of the fridge! Tala left for school, and Barbi and Moody took off to the library and will look for a book about fish and being kind to them... we'll see if that will register with Tala.

I have to head out myself and do my reading before classes. Two quarters down--25% thru the program. Back to another 10 weeks of isolation and minimal social interactions. I enjoyed the break but glad it's over. Break means carefree, no order--I need order in my life to function properly.

Oh, Tala's closet is not finished yet! Sol promised to put the last piece today... Please do!


  1. I know how it feels after having a holiday… our holiday here in Libya will start after tomorrow (at Saturday), its going to be for 2 weeks, I'm looking forward for it to start, but at the same time I want it to end quickly and get back to normal again.
    I want to say hello to the new member in your family…Gus…and if you want to see some fighting , just place a mirror in front of Gus, here in Benghazi we call him fighter.(don't try it in the presence of Moody and Tala)

  2. Guys, my sincere and warm wishes for a happy and prosperous 2006. You seem to be having a cracking time. Wonderful.

    Gus is such a beauty. Just be careful and don’t over feed him. Apparently fish have a very short memory; they forget in spilt seconds that they’ve just eaten and keep eating till they die, hehehe. Try to use the grain feed not the flakes cause the flakes stay longer and will pollute the bowl depriving the fish from Oxygen and consequently killing it. You need to clean the bowl thoroughly maybe once a week and change half of the water once in the mid of the week. NEVER use any chemicals, washing up liquid, soap, etc when cleaning the bowl; use just a sponge and keep that sponge for Gus only. Don’t use air freshener around it; it will kill Gus. I can see you guys wrinkling your eyebrows and wondering how the hell she knows all that. Well, I’ve got two cute fishie called Coral and Saffron, Murjana and Za3farana. I’ve got them for nearly four years now. The first time I got them I got a bit over excited in the pet store and loaded my basket with toys, food, live plants, etc for the fish. At the check point the sullen cashier asked me for £££ amount of money and I moaned and groaned, then he said calmly: Madam, it is cheaper than having a baby. Hehehee.

    Another incident happened just recently, I was going away and didn’t want to leave the fish with anyone, who might kill them. I called this place I got through a friend and the person on the other line said in a cheerful voice: Yes Madam, we do Bed & Breakfast for the fish and we charge £1 per day. Holy Heraimi, this is bloody expensive! I wanted to say. But they worth it cause they are cute, calming and, hmm, slippery, despite one failed suicidal attempt – coral jumped from the bowl one night and nearly died. I like looking at them and sometimes sticking my hand in their bowl and clasping my fist around one of them before she slips free- shhhh, don’t tell Tala.


  3. Hello S, Nice to hear from you.

    Barbi told us not to overfeed him and to clean once a week. Actually she specifically said we should feed him 3 grains a day! lol First day, Moody kept demanding to feed him saying, "He's hungry; he wants to eat." And when I decline his requests, he'd say, "You want him to DIE!" lol

    That day, Moody little Obi-Wan action figure (2" long) paid a visit to Gus in the bowl. A while later, I found few cheddar gold fish (the edible ones) inside the bowl. We got loads of books from the library about fish pet... it seems to work, no more intruders to Gus's home!

    Last night I noticed the water had bubbles at the top; looked clear but kind of greasy, and he was very calm not moving a lot and rising to the surface more. So I decided to change it. I almost lost gus when he slipped out of my hand into the sink!

    We've all noticed how he's not jumpy now when we come near the bowl or touch it. First day, he was really freaking out! We're all enjoying him. I'm hoping Sol will warm up to an aquarium soon!

    Thanks for the helpful hints; now we know who to turn to for Gus-related issues!

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