Sunday, January 01, 2006

Lost and not-found

I searched high and low for Anes's token and couldn't find it. I remember at some point it made it to my jeans pocket, then my robe pocket, and on the vanity, and was there on the desk in the den many times in between. It will surface someday and I'm sure to take a picture of it!

Moody at the Rigney's Xmas carol, 2005
Tala, Sol, and I went to Panera for lunch... nice, peaceful, and quiet. Later at home, Tala was watching Cinderella, Sol taking a nap while pretending he's watching with her, and I was working on the computer and all the while kept straining my ears listening for the sound of Moody... then realizing he's not here. I'm still listening and all I hear is the sound of Moody's silence--it's so loud! I miss him, so does Tala.

Hurray, I got gifts today! I'm a big gift-giver, I enjoy and love giving gifts as much as I do receiving them. I give gifts to friends and family for every little thing that happens to them; but sadly I don't get much myself. For some reason, the people around me don't pick on my cues! Sol got me an MP3 player/Recorder/FM. I have mentioned that I want one of those tiny radios and I got more than what I asked for! The recorder will come in handy in the lectures and I can listen to NPR wherever I am. Anes's mom gave me a PINK mom's calendar; so nice and cute, the calendar that is--and also nice of her to think of me. Thanks, Ahlam!

My one and only New Year's resolution is to tidy up Tala's closet. Oh, it's a MESS! I'm thinking of taking a picture of before and after, but not sure if I'll have the guts to post the former! Got closet shelves, drawers, etc. and need Sol to put them together. I'm not allowed to assemble plywood pieces, and I acquiesce--I have ruined two items previously when I thought I could put them together. Time to get on Sol's case to start working on them...

I still can't download pictures from the camera and it's bugging me... I miss the iMac!

Sol just answered the phone... It was the Apple store; the iMac is ready for pick up... I should've asked for more than that! Maybe a good 2006 ahead?

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