Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Sometimes I like Mondays

Yesterday was a good Monday, and it came after a nice weekend.

Ahmed had his best soccer game ever! He was running the whole time, which is not his usual reaction to the whole affair. Actually, I've noticed that Tala, too, is not always "in the game." I think they both have an old family bug called rationality! I often see Tala, standing in the middle of the field, looking like the most beautiful exclamation point, just wondering: why are these people running with no purpose whatsoever? Oh, she has a wonderful time despite all that, and so does her brother with a gang of 5-yr-old boys chasing girls on the sidelines with Light Sabers. I take it all as a form of free entertainment!

I think Moody had his best game yesterday because of what he ate for dinner: bazeen! 24-ct.

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