Saturday, October 01, 2005


M (talking about 2 toys): These two are related.
H: Are we related, Moody?
M: Yes.
H: How are you related to me?
M: I'm human!

T: Is Nadia still sad?
H: Yes.
T (picking a flower from Nadia's front yard): This flower will make her happy.
H (thinking: !رزق خوالهم)

H: How do you spell Dregia, Mood?
M: Dad, Mom, Moody, and Tala!
T: T-O-Y!

We had a nice evening walk in Sahron Wood's outer trail (3.8 miles). Moody rode his bike all the way! Saw some deer and a buck. Tala was upset that the deer were eating the grass!

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