Friday, October 14, 2005

Ahhhh... I Love Fridays!

We had a wonderful week! Moody is back to the sweet, loving, considerate boy he normally is! We are working with him on three fronts: home, school, and specialist, and it's going very well. Hurray! He lost privileges last week, but earned them all back this week, one-by-one. Of course the order was, Light Saber, one hour of PBS Kidz, boombox, and Red Alert. But, I wonder... He received a bump on the forehead on Monday at the playground in school, could it be the bump that fixed things ;-)

Tala, the cutie pie, wet herself twice this week while in the nanny's care. It is unlike her, but is a sign for her seeking attention. Even her reactions are mellow!

A cake I made!
Movie Friday Night: Mulan! I won't be here... Moody was not happy about that. I explained to him that the baby shower I'm going to was scheduled before we started the MFN. And hey, a girl is gotta have some girl-time! He got excited about going to pick a gift, he wants to buy something for the baby himself! Kathy and I are having the baby shower for Nadia. I'm usually the cake-maker for baby showers, but not this time, I ordered it instead. Nothing would make me happier than to make Nadia's cake; unfortunately, a day is only 24 hours!

We three had a good time at the gym. I got a 2-hour workout; my exerlog showed 300% of target for aerominutes and calories, yeppy! Now we're off to shop and get the cake. I sure am going to have fun tonight, Suliman and the kids will too. Hey Sol, I can't ask for a better partner... We make a good team and I love it!

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