Sunday, October 30, 2005

Apple Pickin'

Apple Picking
Yesterday was such a nice day... bright and sunny; a little chilly though. On the road to the farm, Tala was talking non stop! She was that way the whole day actually. Her line of the day was "What did I say? What did you say?" Moody was feeling under the weather, stomach flu, so that gave her the opportunity to non-stop talk! Here's some of the entertainment we had during the day.

Driving to the farm:
T: What did you say, Dad?
S: I was talking to Mom Tala.
T: What did you say, dad?
H: He was talking to me, Tala.
T: Don't talk mom. But, what did you say, Dad? We might see more hot balloons?
S: I said we might see more hot air balloons on the way.
T: We might see two hot air balloons?
S: Maybe.
{H and M giggling}
T: Don't be funny guys!
{H, M & S giggling more!}
T: Guys, stop being funny, guys!

At the pool: I was putting a float on her so she could get in the pool alone. While in the water the float climbed up high to her chest. She came out and started this exchange:
T: Look Mom, the float is up.
H: Yes, let me fix it for you.
T: It's funny.
H: You think so?
T: It is sillier than me!

At counting: Tala would count us and say: "one falimy, two falimy, three falimy, four falimy! We are four falimy!"

At the office: I was working in the office and she came and asked out of the blue:
T: Maybe when you're happy you'll change your mind.
H: What, Tala?
T: Maybe when you're happy, you'll change your mind.
H: Change my mind about what?
T: About my candy, when you're happy.
Apparently, she was refering to a conversation we had in the morning. She asked me to give her one of the Halloween candy she got from school, and I told her she can't have candy early in the morning and before she eats her breakfast.

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