Saturday, September 04, 2010

Sweet Loli, Sweet Life!

Last week Tala started talking about having a slumber party for her birthday on Friday the 3rd. Finally I made the invitations using her picture with the hibiscus flowers for the card. That was Tuesday. On Wednesday, I called Sheri from Delicacies by Sheri and shared the card with her for ideas on cupcakes instead of a cake. She suggested to make hibiscus flower cup cakes and some iced cookies. On Friday, I went to the party store to get some goodies and decorations. Guess what! I found a whole theme of hibiscus flower. Lucky Loli; that was not even planned.

She invited 5 girls; 4 showed up. They had fun. We watched Camp Rock 2. All 5 of us girls cramped on the sofa! And when the song "It's On" started, all girls and Moody stood in front of the TV singing along and dancing along. It was amazing; they knew all the lyrics and the dance moves... Kids of the 3rd millennium!

After the movie, they decided to have a round of nail polishing. And I joined them :) I have one hand silver, the other glittery pink, one foot red, the other glittery burgundy. When they had their fill of that, we went back to the basement and watched Princess Diaries. I went to bed at around midnight and woke up later after 2 am to find them still chattering and playing in the basement. The girls liked having Moody around. Well, they know him from school. They kept saying that he made the party more fun!

On Thursday, I went for my 3rd round of chemo. It did affect me terribly this time. My fingers get numb, even my throat does when I have a cold drink. I was drowsy, disoriented and hated it. The doc switched me from Zoloft to another anti depressant that has dual action. It treats depression and helps with the early onset of menopause caused by chemo.

Friday morning I took the kids to the bus stop. That made them and me happy. It's a new year. I'm impressed with Tala and her organization of her school belongings. And Moody is on top with his homework and doing well. I hope they keep it up the whole year.


When is it going to be Wednesday?!


  1. Tala is becoming such a beautiful young lady, she gets it from her mom obviously (Sorry Sol). Take care of yourself, if anyone can get through this you can! -Nahil

  2. Thanks Nahoola. You are as sweet as your mother too... 2 of a kind! I can't forget the first time I met you when Magda and I picked you up from school (I think it was middle school?). Good luck with your move and new job. Keep us posted.

    P.S. I like your nick name!

  3. Posting something for you to share with your beautiful, sweet kids.

    I thought of Suliman when I saw this, because he will, no doubt, have a great science explanation for how this is done. :)

    Enjoy the beauty!

    Best - from Megan (at OSU)

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