Sunday, August 29, 2010

Oh, The Fun!

Butterfly @ the Dregias
I started today by paying the bills... a painful chore no matter what! After that, the plan was to tidy up Tala's room, the kids' bathroom, and the guest room. I told Sol that it would not take long; it's basically just organizing the closets. Could I have been any wronger--if there's such an expression?! By the time we finished, I was so depressed and still am. Oh, the junk, the trash, the mess... My goodness--I still can't get over it! I don't think I was that messy or that destructive when I was the kids' age. But, of course, that's for my parents to attest to. Part of the mess is because I have not laid a hand in those areas since I got sick--two freaking years!

Straightening the linen closet, I could not figure out what was clean and what was not. So, I'm in my umpteen laundry load now! Oh, what fun!

To add fuel to the fire, I finally got to make a round on my garden yesterday. What a disappointment. We had long hot dry period that coincided with my treatment, which prevented me from tending to the garden. The cucumbers are all on the ground, about 10 or so, rotten; the basil is all dead; the mint is all dry;  most of the flowers are not doing well at all; my beautiful double-stud rose bush is dry and not blooming anymore! And to add more fuel... Sol decided to spray the weed and it happened to be just the weed near my plants and flowers... Ugh!

I worked on the garden yesterday and today. I cut down a lot of the dry, dead stuff and fed the plants. Not sure if things will revive, but it's a try.

The only thing that makes me feel a little better is the photo above that I took on Friday. While driving into the garage from work, I spotted this beautiful butterfly fluttering by the flower pot by the front door. I managed this snapshot. Just beautiful!

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