Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Blame it on Nicole!

Nicole, or Jennifer officially, has been with us for years. We've probably known her for more than 5 years now. She's become part of our family, witnessed our ups and downs, cried with us, laughed with us, cared with us... You name it. She knows our friends and even family from Libya she has not met yet.

Lately, she's become the scapegoat for anything and everything that goes wrong or goes missing in the house. If Sol asks about his keys, the answer would be "Nicole must have hidden them." If I question a misplaced or disorganized thing, the answer would be "Nicole made me do it." So now I don't bother asking the kids, even on weekends, I would text or call Nicole to ask her directly. I do but jokingly, and she takes it well.

Now let's dissect Nicole a little further.

Her strongest point is finding valuable coupons and good deals. She would take the kids out for a hearty, delicious lunch for free or for $2.99 all tops! What tops that is her ability to plan activities and keep the kids busy. She is awesome when it comes to that. Very creative and talented. and does it at little cost. The outings and activities she usually plans are very educational as well as fun, to name a few, museums, baseball games, putt-putt, beach, COSI, ZOO, parks, etc.

Her weakest point is talking. She is so quiet lol Actually, "motor mouth" is a good way to describe her. Ask her a question or just say hi and you could be in a conversation that might take 20 minutes or so. Everyone that meets her, that's the first thing they notice about her. But hey, that's what makes her Nicole, right? Funny, Tala lately has been questioning my quietness as if she just noticed it. She's another motor mouth in our house. She's been asking me, "Why are you always quiet? Why don't you talk much? Are you OK? Do you have a headache?" I told her, I've always been a person with few words since my youth, but I don't think she comprehends that some people could be quiet by nature.

The kids enjoy a very unique relation with Nicole. It's a I-love-you-but-don't-love-everything-you-make-me-do kind of relation. One day they'll be pushing her to leave as soon as we come home, the other thay'll be asking if she can come on the weekend. It's like can't be with you, can't be without you kind of thing.

From our perspective whatever little organization and peace of mind we have at home we owe a big deal of it to lovely, caring Nicole! So here goes a tribute to Nicole Jennifer Briggs. (snicker)

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