Saturday, January 27, 2007

We're Not Done... Hush Again!

Uncovering more talent. Give it up to Loui, my nephew!

Tala was mesmerized watching the video. When I told her it's Loui her cousin, she said, "I like him. He's my favorite singer!" She watched it again and again and again!



  1. is he really singing? I am not surprised the kids like it, nice one :o)

  2. I like it too, anything that can last for long time,not short like this :)

  3. Well! , good job loui and wish you too an auspicious future..
    Keep going and keepsmile
    Thanks Hanna and Solieman for share, but as Akram said, couldn't you make it a little longer!!, we really like it.

  4. Thanks, guys! I was amazed myself to know he sings so well; I had no idea! I'm sure he appreciates your feedback. I'm trying to get more of him and will share it as well.

    Tripoline, yep, it is the same school--a small world indeed!

  5. when is the album coming out?