Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Dis and dat, and dat, and dat, and...

It's been a while since we blogged. I don't expect this to change; sporadic blogging it's going to be for a while!

First things first, we had a very nice visit with Nick, Azzam, and Nikki. It was just a little short, but they had to get back to Sabrina and Jasper. There was a lot of worry and calling the sitter to make sure they were both OK. Apparently, Sabrina was being very unfriendly, and Jasper was just pouty and missing his family. These are a cat and a dog I'm talking about here. Now I know I'm definitely not going to get a pet. It's hard enough to try and find care for the kids when neither of us can be with them for a while. Pets, who needs them!

Yep, winter is sure here, for real. We got our first dump of snow on Sunday, and we've been below freezing since. I don't mind it; I mean what's winter if it's not freaking cold, snow, and ice! Last week was terrible for me. I had classes Monday through Wednesday; a meeting on Thursday evening; a meeting on Friday; 3 group meetings, on Campus, on Saturday from 9am till 7 pm; and a meeting on Sunday. I was literally not home the whole week.

My classes start at 6pm this quarter, which means Sol has to be home no later than 5, which in turn means he has to leave work by 4:30! To make things work better, it was decided that I would drive with the kids to Campus and switch cars with Sol. But that meant that we either have to leave home very early and wait for more than 30 minutes in the car for Sol, or leave not so early and be late. It's that time where 5 minutes would make a lot of difference traffic wise.

As a result of all of that, and that... Sol and I have been arguing lately on who was supposed to do what and who is to do what. Even grocery shopping had been thrown out of whack! Last night we decided to assign tasks and have them written down and displayed visible to both of us. Problem is, I realized today, that we have not decided who to write down the task list.

Amidst all that, it's time to give Tibra some time and attention. You have all read my previous post about the 2007 Tibra Awards and my plead to you for action. I'm still waiting for action! Helloooo, anybody there? Readers, do something; $10 won't poke a hole in your pocket! Good news is we got our minimum of 3 nominees, so the program is on. Better news yet, we have more participation from Libya!

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