Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Happy Birthday, Safoo!

Little Safia turns 2 today! It should be us giving her a gift, instead, I'm posting this slide show that she sent us!

On December 20, I sent a box to Libya, via DHL, with lots of Tala's clothes for Safoo and toys and gifts for the little ones and the big ones in the family. The box made it, in whole, to Bnghazi with all its contents in one week. Actually, it arrived one day before Mom's and Rua's birthday and three days before Eid. The timing and the contents brought out a nice pleasant reaction from everyone--there and here--and I decided to make it an annual tradition.

The next day, after Ayman received the package, he sent me this slide show as a thank you from Safoo. I cried watching it. I immediately called Sol to tell him and couldn't contain myself or stop crying. I watched it tons of times, and every time I did, I cried! Thank you Safoo; thank you Ayman and Amal. We love you!

Happy Birthday!



  1. soo sweet and lovely may God bless her.. Rabi yousoon...

  2. i loooooved this little cute angel ,, what a beautiful smile she has... ohhh i almost cried watching this clip ,, and she looks so cute in htese outfits.. you must be so proud..

    happy new year

    Um Dania