Thursday, November 30, 2006

The Sigma-Digital Generation!

On Monday, Moody gave me the weather report for the three days. The report he gave, based on My Google, was "Sunny partly cloudy today; cloudy tomorrow; and rain on Wednesday." He was upset on Tue. because it was not cloudy, but sunny. He protested, "Why did they change the weather. They shouldn't change it after they tell us what it will be. That's not fair!" At 6:30 am today, while I was still in bed dreading getting up with the headache, I heard him telling Tala, "Let's go check the weather on My Google." I think we have to password-protect the computers in the house. It's scary what he might come across. It's amazing how much this generation knows. Moody doesn't even use the computer or surf the Internet unless we're checking a site together, getting some information for him, or shopping online together. Believe it or not, we still don't have a video game in the house! He's been talking about it lately, especially after he discovered that Ennis has PSP; he wants Xbox 360. We told him he can get a dog at age 10 and Xbox at age 12, or vice versa. Guess what, he picked the Xbox at age 10, and dog at age 12. I don't think so! I will delay getting a video game in the house as long as possible; books are better; board games are better!

The other day, I was studying for Six Sigma on, Moody peered over my shoulder and said, "Six Sigma?! It's Sigma Six, Mom, not Six Sigma!" So I found that there's a cartoon show called G.I. Joe Sigma 6. I was searching Google for that, and Moody said, "Just go to G.I. Joe dot com. It's easier!" Talk about getting kids in sync with their parents lingo and world! I guess it's the Six Sigma/Sigma Six generation!

I have not really gotten over the flu of weeks ago. I've had severe one-side headache for the last three days. Of course, I couldn't get an appointment with my doctor soon, damn the doctors! I knew I needed antibiotics, but she wouldn't prescribe them without seeing me, and she can't see me soon! This morning, the headache was severe, so I drove to the nearest urgent care. The doctor was nice, and very interested in Libya and what he read about it recently in some travel magazine. Veered off... So, I have acute sinus infection and got out with my antibiotics and decongestant/headache prescriptions. Finally, I'm almost pain free now after taking the medication!



  1. I'm not crazy on the dog, man. Maybe an electronic dog? I checked out the games, and they call for Windows. That's good because it means the kids will tie up Hana's low-tech machine! I'll get'em hooked when she's not looking! lol lol

  2. Yes, beware of begging, pleading eyes that make promises they have no intention of keeping!