Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Halloween was here!

I have been sick for two weeks now! The flu. Luckily, I'm the only one who got it in the family. We were late with the flu shot this year, I haven't taken mine yet, I need to recover first. The cough is killing me... Ugh!

Beggars night was on Tuesday, October 31, in our neighborhood. I decided not to go to class that night since I was so sick and needed to rest. I was dragged out of the house at 6:30 when Sol didn't show up and I couldn't keep up with Moody and Tala's nagging on my head. They were not going to let me rest anyway, so I thought taking them out will get them out of my hair... So we went trick-or-treating. The day was soggy and wet--just awful. Got drier at night, but was still awful!

We met Brandon, Kayleigh, her friend, and their mom, Astrid. That brought me some relief and company to ease my miserable mood and feeling sorry for myself. Before we met them, Moody had been whining continuously that he wanted to find Brandon since he wasn't there when we stopped by their house. When we left our street and turned into another, Moody kept whining, "Brandon never comes here. He told me he never comes to this street for trick-or-treating." I was telling him that we would head back home if he didn't stop and just tried to enjoy himself when Brandon appeared. I needed to get even with Moody and make him take back his words about Brandon never coming to this street, but I let it go to deal with when I'm up to it.

Oh, the candy! Disgusting, ugly, yummy candy! Candy, candy, and more candy. I hate it and dread Halloween for that. I end up eating a lot of it, the chocolate, don't like other candy. We still have tons of it, no chocolate though, it was gone in no time! Oh, the guilt!

I'm still sick. I finished 2 bottles of NyQuil Cold, 1 bottle of NyQuil Cough, 2 bags of cough drops, one bottle of Robitussin cough suppressant and expectorant and into my second. I think it's week six of the Quarter now, and there's no slowing down. I want to be done, not with just the Quarter, but with school.

Happy thought: I'm graduating in August. Yeppy! Another happy thought: Nick et al are coming in December!


  1. Labaas 3alekee :) Buckley's is great for cough, if u can handle it...its got to be the nastiest stuff on earth.
    Also flax seed, if you grind some, and mix it with honey, its actually very helpful for chest congestions.

  2. Being sick is just downright AWFUL! I use the collodial silver for EVERYTHING! I buy it from Utopia, TX rather than make my own. I have sinus/allergies, and I can sure tell when I am not faithful in taking it. There are interesting stories of the history of SILVER and it's healing powers.

    Halloween pics are so sweet! Sandi

  3. Aisha, thanks for the tip. What makes being sick worse is sometimes I don't even have the time to be sick or take care of myself! I got the flaxseed yesterday and will give it a shot.

    Sandi, I'll check the silver out. Thanks!

  4. Salamtik Hanu!

    Lovely pictures. Yummy candy.

  5. I hope you feel better soon.
    Here's wishing you a spedy recovery.

  6. Thanks Lebeeya and Trabilsia. I'm better, but it was not a speedy recovery :) Cough always drags and takes its toll on me!