Sunday, May 23, 2010

Flower Power!

I got up around 7 am today. Had my Everything bagel (upper half, toasted) with whipped cream cheese and coffee with milk while checking my email. Then I started cooking tajeen, peas stew, and rice with chick peas, cleaned around the house a bit, paid some bills... And in between all of that, I finished loads of laundry including that we brought from Hocking Hills' trip last weekend, and the kids nagging wanting to play in the sprinkler.

Once I finished my chores, the three of us got in the car heading to the nursery to get some flowers and plants. Sol got into the driveway as we were getting out of the garage. We left Sol to maw the grass, ordered asked him to prepare the flower pots for when we come back, and went our way. We loaded a cart with beautiful flowers and potting soil and came home. I was exhausted! I let the kids join Sol in the yard... Of course, they immediately turned the sprinkler on and got in it!--and I lied on the sofa to rest some.

Later, Tala and I spent some time planting the flowers. There's no better than getting the hands dirty with soil! I missed gardening. For years, my garden was beautiful and I enjoyed caring for it, but not the last couple of summers. I think it would have helped me if I continued, but well, everything takes its time. It's amazing how relaxing gardening could be, digging, planting, arranging, watering... I should get back into it even if it's only potted flowers. Let the power of flower take over :)

It was a beautiful day and we got a lot of beautiful things done... including Bazeen. We have not had it for a while; it was good! Oh, and I got a beautiful rose bush called The Double Knockout Rose to plant by the mailbox, I meant for Sol to plant by the mailbox. It blooms bright dense red roses from spring to first frost. And yes, Tala lost another tooth while eating anise cookie (kaaka) so a visit from Shamsa is looming!

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