Sunday, May 02, 2010

The Boys and I

It is true what they say that men cannot handle stress well. I know my 2 boys can't for sure. Sol and Moody both have been stressing out since my recent diagnosis. And Tala, sweet Lella, is always the balancing act!

Most of the time I seem fine, happy, and energetic; but it does not come without a lot of effort on my end. I need to be strong, but I also need those around me to be strong for me. I cannot deny them their feelings and frustration, but I wish they'd share them and talk about them.

C'mon guys, chill and help me out--let's focus please. You are the source of my strength, you give me reason to carry on... hmmm, isn't that a song?! I love you!


  1. Dear Hannu,

    You keep going strong girl, and as for the boys, boys will be boys they do find it hard to express themselves in the right way but need a slap on the hand sometimes to realise that they are not portraying the correct picture!!! and sweet Tala she will grow up to be an amazing young woman soon just like her mom.

    Did get worried about you for a while there but glad to see that you have added a post which means you are as usual doing a fab job.

    I only started following your blog a couple of months ago, but do look out for you religously every day and have so much admiration for you, you remind me so about the nice aspects of home..

    Take care of yourself and hope to read you again very soon.

  2. Hi, Libyana.

    I'm glad you like my rantings. I'm humbled and delighted by your comments. And I'm really glad I came across you.

    You know, my health issues took me away from blogging for a long time. But that made me realize I'm missing the enjoyment of capturing the precious moments of my life. Blogging kind of makes me look back at the events of the day and lament, speculate, or move beyond them. I didn't realize that till I went back to blogging. So, I'm going to try to keep it up and enjoy life.

    Thanks for stopping by and please stick around.

  3. Hi Hannu,

    Now seeing as I posted a comment on your blog last night without even signing my name I thought it is about time I changed that silly disguise of a name and showed some respect to you and anyone else and start using my real name!

    So Hannu, dont know if my name rings a bell at all as although we have never met I was really good friends back in the day with Noha...

    Now you have inspired me to write my own rantings, I think I should write under my own name...

    Best wishes,
    Shiam :)

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  5. Hello, Shishi.

    Shiam rang a bell, but Ayman helped me with the name I know you with... Shishi.

    I believe we did meet once. You came to our house in Libya. We had some sort of an occassion, wedding or something? You and Noha were working on cardsor khaloot (if I remember correctly) and were sitting in the middle of the guests room on the floor. Do you remember that?

    How have you been? Again, it's nice to run across you especially now that I know who you are. Where on planet earth are you these days?

  6. Hi

    Gosh it has been so long, havent been called Shi-Shi in ages!!! I feel young again! Now I have created a blog today seeing as you have inspired me but am still trying to figure out how to post under my name and not under the other one 'libyana'..I will get there eventually. I should have thought you would recognise shi shi, oh well, yes I do remember, was it Nohas fatiha? Or was it yours, I think it was yours? and golly what a jolly time we had...Completely forgot you were there, as I think straight after everyone went to Malta or something..

    How is Ayman, and everyone else? Would love to hear Nohas news etc..but dont think people in Benghazi blog that much? I am now living in Swansea Wales right by te sea it is beautiful here..Was in Canada for 2 years before that and in London for 9 years before that, but am now settled here. Dont want to go in to toooooooooo much detail as I could go on and on and on! Dont want to bore you but would love to catch up by email or something just a tiny bit more private seeing as I dont think everyone wants to hear my life story...

    Oh this is so exciting and would love to catch up...

    ps give my regards to Aymen, from your previous post I am guessing he is in Germany.

  7. Of course and to everyone else when you chat to them..Noha for sure!

  8. That must have been Fairouz's wedding in 1985. Wow, it does not feel that long, I can still picture you and Noha sitting there. Noha has 2 peautiful girls and is in Benghazi with my parents. Ayman has adorable girl and boy and is in Germany with his family (he's reading this!) He said you are May's friend, his sister-in-law.

    I'd love to cath up. Drop me a line at dregias at yahoo. I love the internet; it has recently connected me to my past... kind of the fragments of my life are coming together finally! That warrants another post in itself :)

  9. Hello again,

    Hope your feeling well and that today is one of your good days? I know part of what you are going through purly because my sister who is 26 went through chemo and radiotherapy, this summer here in Swansea, so I know it is hard and hope things can only get better for you...I gave her a card I found which quoted Churchill and his speech in which he said "never ever ever give up" and I say the same to you Hannu.

    Now enough of being soppy!

    Hi Ayman, nice to hear your news, give my best wishes to Amola, and to dearest Noha.. Unfortunately I have lost touch with alot of my friends in the last 8-10 years or so. The pace of life here or should I say in the West in general is so fast that if you are working full time the whole culture or rather our dear old Libyan culture is hard to stick too!! Hence, I have not seen anyone in a looonggg time..
    Your mentality also changes slightly, which Hannu I am sure you can relate to..In a nice way though!! Any spare time is spent with the children I suppose. Anyway to cut a long story short I will definately drop you an email and look forward to reading your news!

  10. Hey, a quick note since I have to go seep my "Get some zzz's" tea and flip the TV channels. I will reply to your comment later, but I wanted to tell you this. You nick name "libyana" sparked an interesting conversation between Sol and me. Could you please tell us why you chose the nick name "Libyana"?

  11. Hey, a quick note since I have to go sip my "Get some zzz's" tea and flip the TV channels. I will reply to your comment later, but I wanted to tell you this. You nick name "libyana" sparked an interesting conversation between Sol and me. Could you please tell us why you chose the nick name "Libyana"?

  12. Hmmm, why can't I delete my comment? Go check The Republic of Tea dot com. Their teas are so distinct yet delicate. ttyl (Tala would say!)