Saturday, March 13, 2010

Happy Birthday!

Suliman Ahmed Dregia, born in Mesrata, Libya, 1960.

Yesterday was Sol's 50th birthday, on paper. The precise day of his birth is unknow, but estimated to be sometime in April. When registering him, his father, Ahmed Suliman Dregia, decided to give him the same birth day as king Idris.

The kids planned to surprise him. They decided to blindfold him while we drive to his favorite restaurant, Carrabba's. We took many diversions on the road to disorient him and it worked out. Once we arrived there, he had no clue what part of town we were in.
We had a nice time and the kids were happy and sweet. Of course, Ahmed sang to him "sana hilwas ya gameel" first thing in the morning.

Happy 50th birthday Sol, and many many years we are all happily together! We love you... You do a lot for us (quoting Moody).

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