Sunday, March 07, 2010

Breakfast in Bed...

Cheesy papaya, toast and butter, a blueberry, and orange juice. -Courtesy of Moody and Tala!

This morning I was awakened by Moody and Tala storming in my room shouting, "Wake up, wake up. Time for breakfast." They set me up in the bed with cushions behind me and served me and Sol breakfast.

"We used blueberries for garnish instead of parsley," said Moody, "We brainstormed and came up with this breakfast since there wasn't much in the fridge."

"An early birthday treat for the two of you!" said Tala.

It's becoming a habit of theirs to prepare me breakfast on Sunday, and they're upscaling every time. Check pictures for another breakfast treat on February 28.

We sat relishing the breakfast while Moody read to us "Smoky Night."

I am very impressed--Sol and I must be doing a fantastic job as parents! *taking the credit after all*

A red and black Italian leather sofa I'm in love with: $3,000...

An Italian leather jacket I have my eyes on: $400...

Breakfast in bed by two angels: PRICELESS!

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