Saturday, January 24, 2009

Back on Track

Last Friday, I was at the end of week3 of chemo-radiotherapy treatment with 2 weeks keft. Soon after Sol left to work, I started having pain in my abdomen, real severe pain. Not to mention the nausea and dry heaves have goton wors that week. Sol came back and took me to the emergency of the closest hospital. They drugged me up, treated the symtoms and sent me home after 5.

It was a terrible night--I couldn't sleep from the nausea and dry heaves. 6 am, we woke the kids and took to OSU's emergency. I had an intestinal obstruction and one of the options was surgery if it does not resolve in couple of days. Thankfully, more tests showed that it's resolving. I remained hospitalized till Thursday to make sure I stabilize.

My therapy was interrupted that week and I though og it a lost week. But now I think it was a break I needed from the side effects. I will start back on Monday for another 3 weeks.

I need to catch up on work next week as I embarked a couple of things and left them in the middle.


  1. Dear Hana, I am really sorry to hear about all these side effects, I am always thinking about you guys, I wish I can do more than that, I wish you speedy recovery hopefully this cloud will pass and things get better. Salamat my dear.


  2. I hope you're feeling better soon. You're in my thoughts and prayers.

  3. From the three of us; Cof, Susan & joseph, we say
    Rise and Shine! It is a brand new day. We are all waiting for you!

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  5. Wish you well dear sis....

    You will come out of it ,you will see.My mother had the same and its been 10 years today.Shes still as fit as a fiddle Alhamdulilah.

    All you need is good support from friends and family which you do have(me included :-) ) .

    best wishes and don't stop fighting!

  6. Thanks guys please continue to keep us in your thoughts.

    Libya Gharian, care to share more about PG please?

    Shahrazad, thanks dear. I haven't met many with similar condition to mine. I would appreciate it if I get more information from you about your mother if you don't mind.