Sunday, June 03, 2007

Moody turns 7

Happy Birthday!

Ahmed S. Dregia. Born: 2 June 2000, Columbus, Ohio.

Yesterday , Mr. Ahmed turned seven. He is at an age where he really appreciates things, so he was delighted the whole weekend. He made a list of friends and most of them were able to come. All and all, we had over a dozen kids, ages 18 months to 8 years old! With predicted temperatures in the 90's, we had planned water games. Unfortunately, we had some rain which meant a messy delay of about one hour, but things ultimately got back on schedule. The amazing thing is, with a dozen little darting maniacs, we did not have to break up a single fight! The trick was water guns, which allowed them to squirt out their aggressions and have a blast doing it.


  1. Happy Birthday and many happy returns to Ahmed inshaAllah.

    He is exactly 6 months older than my son Amir who was born on 2 December 2000 :o)

  2. Hey, Nasser, thanks. They're both Y2K kids. That was a good year for boys because it was a dragon year on the Chinese calendar and the end of a millennium. A lot of Chinese people were hoping for boys. I tell them, come take this one, I can't understand him anyway! lol lol