Sunday, June 24, 2007

Hana's Spring Graduation

Sunday, June 10th was commencement day for OSU, which is about two weeks ago now! [slowwww] The Spring commencement is the largest in the year, and quite large on absolute terms. This Spring the University awarded close to 8,000 degrees, and the graduates were addressed by former president Bill Clinton.

On Saturday, the day before the big dance, The Fisher College of Business held a special ceremony for MBA graduates, including students who will officially graduate at the end of Summer quarter. They had a little over 200 MBA graduates, who came from 19 different countries, and were about evenly split between full-timers and part-timers. The most important student to our family, Hannu was one of the part-time MBAs included in the Saturday ceremony. It was a very special day for us. I could not blog about it until now because we got busy preparing for a trip to California, to visit my brother's family and Disney Land. We left for CA on Wed, June 13th and returned this past Monday. The trip was a lot of fun and will be the subject of another blog entry--to appear soon!

Saturday morning, Hannu had to get to campus early, and we followed to Mershon Auditorium. After the faculty got on stage, the students filed in and were kept standing for a little while. We were seated diametrically opposite to Hannu's corner! I took this picture on the right, after tiptoe-ing like a cartoon character, all the way across the auditorium, only to discover when I got there that Moody was right behind me! lol We stole the shot before Hannu was alerted by the flash.

Moody caught Mom by surprise. Green honor cord represents "six-sigma" green belt.

Up front in the event program, they listed various award recipients, based on GPA and special certificates, etc. Students who were not done taking classes, however, were ineligible for GPA-based awards, which wrote off Hana and similarly qualified students. But they kinda saved the best for last, with the Outstanding Students Award. The recipients are chosen by the faculty, their names are announced for the first time, live at the ceremony, and they walk across the stage to receive their plaque. There were a handful of recipients from each group.

Hannu called on stage to receive her Award. I was whistling, cheering, hugging the kids, and trying to take the picture. A moment to fill a heart for a lifetime.

A well-deserved recognition of two years of hard work

Just hooded!

A family pic to commemorate the event. Tala was ticked off about something important like which side she should be on!

It was a beautiful day to walk around on campus. This is a view of the Oval, with the bell tower of Orton Hall in the background. If you click on the pic, you can also see views of Mirror Lake and the amphitheater.

Keep moving forward...

إسمك هناء والهناء في طريقك...


  1. alif Mabrouk and a big and long zaghrouda, we are proud of you Hannu, hope that you achieve more and more success. Ghazi

  2. alf mabrook...completing such a degree with such excellence while being a wife and a mommy to two young children...they should have given you more awards! can we say 3ugbal eldoctorah?

  3. Hi Ghazi, thank you; that was the first zaghruda I got :)

    Aisha, no thanks, no doctorah for me :) All I wanted is a jump ahead in my career, which I got. Thanks for the note. How is married life treating you?

  4. Alf Alf Mabrouk.

    go Hannu go :o)
    we are all proud, well done :o)


  5. Congratulations on a job well-done and a well-deserved green belt ( el3ogba lel 7zam laswed). Yes, you deserve to take a load off, take a vacation... I double dare you, lol.

  6. Thanks, Anglo and glad to see you had a nice time in Tunisia... maybe :)

    Tripoline, yes even triple-dare me. I'm still taking classes, and this quarter is core classes... lots of reading and assignments :( I'm drained! What we had in California is called a vacation, but actually it was more work than relaxing. For example, Sol and I ended in Disney Land with 5 kids... how fun could that be :) It was worth it though and we're glad we went.

  7. Hannu,
    Congratulations!!! That is a job well done. All those long nights paid off.

  8. الف الف الف مبروك يا هنو...
    على فكرة...فيه احتمال اني نجي نباركلك بنفسي..قريب بإذن الله

    مبروك للمرة الثانية.

  9. Congratulations Hana & don't stop on this, I'm so proud of you.
    roorrrorororor this is Zagrouda

  10. Mabro00k :D
    keep moving forward

  11. hi hanu
    this is my sister, go ahead.
    hoping you get the black belt and being the champion

  12. Alf Mabrook! You look stunning in that graduation outfit :)

    All the best inshallah!!

  13. Thank you Chatalaine, Adam, and Leebeya. Nice to see you around Adam.

    Heba, been missing you... I wan to know what the news are... can't wait.

    Shushu, habooba, hpe to see you follow your auntie's footsteps :)

    Rosa, thanks... Your turn now. Good luck on the PhD. BTW, I feel really bad for not being such a nice auntie. Tell Loui I didn't forget him. He was on my mind that whole week. I just didn't have the time to call him or post... So sorry! I owe him one.

  14. Elf Mabrouk Hanu !

    Sorry I was late in conratulating you . You look absolutely great .
    I'll ditto Ghazi and Akram(didnt know they could lol )on the zaghrouta !

    May Allah bless you and your lovely family.