Saturday, May 19, 2007

Memorial Weekend, Recital Weekend

In an effort to catch up with our latest events, and keep them chronologically ordered, this post is backdated to correspond to Memorial Day Weekend. This will bring us up to speed with the highlight of this month: Moody's seventh birthday!

Friday was dress rehearsal. It was at 5 pm, at the Veterans Memorial downtown. Sol and I had to leave work early. Tala and Moody had to be fully dressed just like they'd be in the recital day. We were at the rehearsal till past 8 pm. Both kids did pretty well. The teachers first bring the class out to stage and shows each child where their place would be following color-coded marks on the floor. Then, the class will go backstage and come out with the music to rehearse the number. Tala just stood there, pouting, when a girl took her spot. The teacher came to the rescue and everything went as planned.

Moody was the only boy in his Hip Hop class. Most classes had one boy with many girls. He did so well that the teacher said "Where did that come from, Moody!" He doesn't pay much attention in class and pretends he's tired most of the time.

On Saturday, we headed to the Vet Memorial at 10 am. Tala was in the noon show and Moody in the 2 pm show. We spent the whole day there, till 5 pm. The shows are very nice and interesting to watch. The dancers are from all ages starting at 3 all the way to 17 years old. Of course, the younger dancers each does their own moves and follows their own rhythm--the fruit of one full year of practice! The older ones are very good and in sync with the group.

We rushed home to make it in time for our next outing. Sol and I were going to the Sherrys' international night. I promised to make some Libyan food, which did not happen. Instead, we stopped by Aladin's on the way home; picked trays of falafel and dolma. They were 'mm 'mm good! We got home and Madi, the babysitter, arrived shortly after. We promised her to be back around 11; we got back at 1 am! It was a fun day and night!

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