Saturday, September 02, 2006

Who Rules?

Yesterday, during the day, Moody was going to play in his room.

Hanu: Don't make a mess in your room.

Moody: It is my room and I do whatever I want in my room.

Hanu: No, you don't.

Moody: But it's my room, I own it and I rule it.

Hanu: It's your room, but it's in our house and we make the rules.

Later when I was tucking him in bed:

Moody: I want to own my room. Kids should own their rooms!

Hanu: When you have your own house, then you will own all the rooms in the house. And then,
you could do whatever you want in them.

Moody: But why can't I rule my room?

Hanu: Because you are under our rule.

Moody: What does above the rule mean?

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