Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Back-to-School Day

School started today for Moody and Tala. They both were very exited, well behaved, and insisted on wearing new clothes and all. They even wanted to wear coats though it's not cold yet! After dropping them to school, I realized I have a whole 2-and-a-half-hours all by myself, for myself. It's the first time it happens. Last year, Tala went to school in the morning, and Moody in the afternoon. So I always had one of them with me. I planned to go shopping earlier, but after this realization I decided to indulge myself. I had a doctor's visit this morning and she advised me to take time off during the day and to pamper myself frequently. I might as well do it now. I could even watch a soap opera for some brain freeze, lol.

Tala had ballet this morning. We changed school this year to Straub Dance which is owned by the mother of the Generations' owners. We left Generations because of religious reasons, or irreligious reasons to be accurate. For the two years we were part of Generations, we didn't notice the religious stuff till recital this year. I was walking by backstage when I heard the older kids saying a prayer before performance, and then they had a dance around a cross in middle stage. We liked Generations; such a shame they have to incorporate religion into dance. As one parent put it, "We pay for dance lessons, not religion." Damn right!

Religion is becoming more visible in American public life. We have been facing this issue over and over in many different places, including the public school where--by law--religion has no place there. What is wrong with being a secular society that accepts all members, and nonmembers, of the different religions on equal footing. Why equate being American with being Christian. It's hard enough to fit with all the other differences. Why don't people leave religion for the gods and in the confinement of their own homes. My personal opinion: Religion is the source of all evil.

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  1. Religion is becoming more and more the main issue in this first decade of the new century. Its not only America, all over the world things are becoming more tense. More than 25 years ago it started in the Middle East, and now we see the consequences. Organized religion is very dangerous on societies that seek to consider its members according to citizenship not their race, religion or sexuality. I guess we are still in the middle of this mess and it will take a while for things to get clearer..
    Tala looks lovely with that frown on her forehead. All the best for both of them.