Saturday, August 26, 2006

Tala is 4!

Happy Birthday!

Updates, August 27:

"I had a great day!"

"This is the best birthday ever!"

"Thank you for the most great gift!"

Tala is still repeating those phrases since yesterday. Such a sweet darling! Her day started in a special way: She had her first ice skating lesson—first time for her on ice. She was frozen on the ice the first fifteen minutes, afraid to move, blink, or even smile. At the end of the class she ice-walked all the way from the middle of the rink to meet me at the gate.

When she woke up in the morning she put on the dress we picked at the mall on Friday, on top of her PJs (picture above.) She loves dresses and skirts. She asked for an Aurora dress, tiara, and slippers, and was elated when she got them.

As per Juju's request, I called her and Ennis and we all sang happy birthday to Tala together. Later, Grandma Safia called and khalu Aymen. Tala was happy!

At 2 pm, she and Moody had T-Ball practice, followed by cake, candles etc. Tala and Moody chose the cake with Cinderella and the prince, so Moody will get the prince and she will get Cinderella. They play so well together. Later at dinner, a whole bunch of people gathered around our table and sang for her. Tala was happy!

Today, we went school shopping for supplies and clothes. I hid the clothes and shoes away and told them they'll get them when school starts. Kind of reminded me of my school days and school shopping with Mom. Such nice memories!

We saw How to Eat Fried Worms today at the theatre. Sol dropped us at the entrance and went to park the car, as usual. Moody asked the cashier for four tickets, and Tala said, "The other one is my Dad. He's still outside. He has grey hair!"


  1. Hi Hanu , how did you fix the comment here ? I did mine by republishing the whole post.

    Happy Birthday to Tala again and let me add that she has not lost her dimples :)

  2. kisses for the sweet princess the lovely Tala. Ghazi

  3. Tala says thank you, and so do I.

    Adam, you're not way off with the favorite song comment. We're still waiting to hear from the Libyan side about recognizing "Tala." It's complicated, too many fronts, too many things to sort out... akh ya rasi is all I can say!

  4. And thanks to all those who called, Grandma Safia, Ayman, Khwela M, and last but not least: Il Trio Torontino, la prima fascia di musica acapella.