Tuesday, August 22, 2006

From the Bush Monument Committee

[I got this from a colleague--pretty funnyyyyy!]

Dear Friends and Relatives:

I have the distinguished honor of being on the committee to raise $5,000,000 for a monument of George W. Bush. We originally wanted to put him on Mt. Rushmore until we discovered there was not enough room for two more faces.

We then decided to erect a statue of George in the Washington, D. C. Hall Of Fame. We were in a quandary as to where the statue should be placed. It was not proper to place it beside the statue of George Washington, who never told a lie, or beside Dick Cheney, who never told the truth, since George could never tell the difference.

We finally decided to place it beside Christopher Columbus, the greatest Republican of them all. He left not knowing where he was going, and when he got there he did not know where he was. He returned not knowing where he had been, and did it all on someone else's money.

Thank you,

George W. Bush Monument Committee

P. S. The Committee has raised $1.35 so far


  1. Very funny indeed !!
    When growing up ,we always thought of Christopher Columbus as a true hero,
    (discovering America or er.....was it the West Indies )
    we knew better!

  2. Hi, Trabilsia. I always thought it's funny when people say Columbus discovered America, or even funnier, that Balboa discovered the pacific ocean. Discovered an ocean? I wonder what the native Americans on the west coast would think of that, or the Polynesians who had been roaming the Pacific for quite some time before Balboa fell into it. How could they have done all that without "discovering" the Pacific? I guess that's the eurocentric version of history. I am surprised that no culture says Adam & Eve discovered the Earth, but I guess their story was not authored by Europeans.

  3. LOL I'm surprised they even raised the 1.35 $ ...maybe he donated them himself :)


    DEar Hanu and Suliman there is a problem in the comment section on the post about Tala's birthday - it is not accessible , that is why I'm posting here.

  5. very funny, thanks for sharing , i wonder if they will raise any more!! :)

  6. Thanks, HL. Comments is working on Tala's post, just tried it.