Saturday, July 22, 2006

My Babies

"I'm very worried about Ennis and Juju," Moody told me when I got home yesterday. Sol has told him and Tala about the war, explaining what war is and that their brother and sister are caught in it. Tala wants to "bring them to this world, our world!" She and Moody got all their stuffed animals down to the basement to help fight the war.

Ennis and Juju live in Baalbeck, in the Bekaa Valley, which is the capital for Hizbollah. It was inevitable the Israelis would bomb it; I was waiting for that. They did, many times, and the kids, along with other family members, have been on the road. They fled to one village, to come back to Baalbeck for another bombardment and flee again.

Juju's Grandma told me that Juju is very terrified and freaking out. Ennis told me that he liked to watch.

I have not started the naturalization process for the kids, because I need their father's consent. He would not agree to that; partly, in fear that I would take them away from him, and partly to punish me for getting out of the marriage. I have contacted the Congressman's office, Senator, and friends to try and get them deported. There isn't much hope for that since they are not US citizens or legal residents of the US. I was told that dependents of US citizens who don't fall in these two categories might be deported after all citizens and legal residents have been. I don't think that would happen. The first thing I will try to do when/if this war is over is to start their naturalization process. I hope the father will agree and put the kids' interest above all else.

I'm dead worried about them... What if the car they're traveling in got hit, what if he road they're on got hit, what if the house they're in got hit? Can't sleep, can't think of anything else... Every time I call, I expect no answer or to be told my worst fear. I wish they'd fled the country earlier. I wish there was a way in for me. I wish they do get out of there somehow, but how... there's no way out!


  1. Even as a mother, I cannot even begin to imagine what you must be feeling and going thru.

    Know that we love you *all* dearly, and have you all in our thoughts and prayers.

  2. Dear Hanu,

    I have followed your wonderful blog for awhile and enjoy it enormously. However, I did not realize until recently that you have two children from a previous marriage living in Lebanon. I am so terribly sorry for all that you and your family must be going through at this time. As a mother, I can only imagine the heartache and anguish that you must feel at being seperated from your children, especially at this dangerous and uncertain time. I will pray that God keeps your children safe and that they find their way to you soon. Please take care!

  3. Salam Hanu !

    I will echo Maria 's word I did not realise when you brought up Ennis and Juju once that these are your children.

    I will be including them in my prayer my dear, along with all the special people I hold dear there.

    Rabi ma3aki.

  4. Thank you, Nikki, Maria and Highlander. Your kindness and care is touching and much appreciated and needed. I'm sorry I don't have much to say... I know you understand.

  5. I am sorry I did not read all of your posts before I responded to this "damn war". I did not realize your children are there and family. I will pray for your family, along with this "damn war" to end. I will also pray that God will soften your ex-husbands heart to do what is right for the safety of the children. Sandi

  6. Dear Hanu,
    I too had no idea of your kids being in danger. I pray you 'll be re-united with them in the very near future.
    Please believe that they'll be ok and in Allah's name they will.