Saturday, February 25, 2006

Goblin, gooder, scientifc... What do you know!

Hip Hop, picture Day
Today, we decided to go to the movies. The choice was between Nanny McPhee and the Goblet of Fire, and of course, Harry won. Well, it passed our minds to check the ratings and realized way into the movie that it must have been PG 13. It wasn't really bad, but we had to distract the kids on one bloody scene toward the end. Moody is excited and he's going to tell his friends he's "the first to see Goblin of Fire!"

Barbi said that Moody doesn't like to wash his hands before eating, and the other day he told her "In our culture, we don't wash our hands before we eat!" I wonder what else he would tell her about our culture.

Yesterday, he finished all his dinner while Tala didn't touch hers, so he got treated to an ice cream and she didn't. He said "I'm gooder than Tala; I finished my dinner."

The other day, He and Sol were having a "conversation," and Moody ended it saying "I'm scientific."

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