Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Moments Gone By!

On the 29th, the Sherry's hosted dinner for our family and the Apples. The three of us were neighbors where we still live. We kept in touch after they both moved. Moody, Luke and Conor were born 2 weeks apart each, and each has a completely different personality. We had lots of fun and lots of food!

We also went to the Rec Center with the Kanouns and the kids did wall climbing and played other games, while us the mothers sat and chatted.

I took my sweet time wrapping the gifts before New Year's eve. It was fun; something I enjoyed doing. I even wrapped my own gifts that I bought myself :) The kids went ballistic in New Year's day tearing open their gifts. They were really happy to see that some items made it from their wish list.

Tala's self-portrait with the locket
Tala had a "Locket with Mom and Dad's pictures in it" on her wish list. And she got it. Jan, the family therapist, asked her before she got the locket (and she did not know she was getting it) what was her most precious possession. And Tala said "The locket with my parents' pictures!" That she didn't have yet! How can you resist that?!

On Tuesdays this quarter, Sol has an early class and can't take the kids to the bus, so he made arrangements with Nicole to come in the morning and take care of that. The first Tuesday after the break, Nicole showed up and this conversation took place:

Ahmed: Nicole is here! Now my day is ruined!

Nicole: The feeling is mutual, Moody!

Ahmed: But you don't have any, Nicole.

You can't beat this guy with words. My friend Fatma used to say that my word is always ready at the tip of my tongue. I guess Ahmed takes after me in that lol

I was invited to a Libyan ladies only party for the New Year and I did go for a couple of hours. It was a good change. The New Year came upon us with a mixture of things. The doc changed my treatment, and I'm doing OK with it so far. I recently got tremendous support from family and friends that just energized me and transformed me emotionally and otherwise... Thank you dear ones!

We spent a good Holiday. Not doing much other than board games, movies, some swimming, ice skating, cooking, seeing friends. It was very relaxing and we all wished it lasted longer!

We ended the holiday with Tala's Step One Ballet Dress Rehearsal.

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