Saturday, November 20, 2010

Stuffing Season!

This year has gone by so fast! The Holidays are here already and that means the year is over. Eid al-Adha (meat Eid), in which most muslims stuff themselves with meat, just passed. And now we are getting ready for Thanksgiving in which most Americans stuff themselves with turkey. We are lucky that we observe both, though not the stuffing part!

We didn't do anything special this Eid. It was during the week with school and work as usual. Eid day, Moody dressed up in his dress shirt, ties dress pants, farmella (Libyan traditional jacket) and shanna (Libyan hat). I thought it was cute, but then he changed into a regular jacket to go to school with. Once he entered school, he took the hat off since they are not allowed in schools. The principal saw him and told him that he could keep it on for the occasion. He appreciated that.

The week before Eid was the end of the first school period and report cards were out and time for the teacher-parent conferences. We were pleasantly surprised, especially with Tala's, the quiet one. Her teacher started by saying, "Let me put it this way: Tala is always right!" Wow! Moody's teachers had a lot to say about him and how they love having him in the class. His home-room teacher said she enjoys the most having conversations with Moody in the hallway outside the classroom. Way to go kiddos! I am one very proud parent.

Planning and preparations started for Thanksgiving. At the same time, we're contemplating going for a second opinion on my case. It was recommended that we either go to New York or Houston. I'm hesitant... I'm just tired and want to be done. The nausea, fatigue and other side effects are interfering with my life and causing me to lose more weight (as if I have much left)... I just want to be done. This time I'm getting a 3-week break from chemo because of the holidays. Next visit, the doctor will look at the CT-Scan and recommend a way forward. I hope it is no more chemo for a while, though I doubt it.

Think positive, change the tone... Moody wrote this song and he's waiting for his cousins, Loui and Shatha, to bring sounds to it.

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