Sunday, July 18, 2010

Summer Breeze!

I decided that there could never be a favorite season of the year. I used to flip-flop and change my preference with the dawn of every season declaring it my favorite. So to be fair, I hereby declare all seasons to be equal... or equally favorite, unique, pleasant, refreshing and I love them four! This summer has been very pleasurable... Brought us so many pleasures and heartwarming gifts.

Walid, my bro, had a girl in June 27th. Him and Manal delegated naming her to me. I felt honored and privileged and... loved! But, there was worry with that as well. I worried that Manal might have a name that she wanted for her first daughter. I worried that they might not like the name I pick. They insisted, so I offered them the name Nissma which means Breeze in Arabic. Nissma has been one of my favorite girl's names. It became more so after coming to the US and feeling and enjoying the breeze we get almost year round in Ohio (except for the frigid winter of course!)

So, Nissma she is. And that's what she brought with her. For a whole week after she was born, we were blessed with a delightful, pleasant breeze.

Being the gift-giving lover I am, I got her a pearl set--her birth stone. I mailed it to Ayman who was going to Libya before she turned 1 week old. Even though the package was guaranteed to be delivered in 2 days, it did not make it to Germany till after 16 days and Ayman was already in Libya! Oh well, it will eventually make it to Libya.

Another important milestone this summer was Moody's first camping experience. He went camping with the boy scouts for 4 nights and 5 days. Sol was stressing out worrying that Moody was not ready and that some things would go wrong. I did not. I kept telling him that he'll be fine and that he'll only learn things from that experience. Last Saturday was family day at the camp. Moody came running to greet us; he was so happy and excited. He hugged Tala and was picking her up off the ground... basically swept her off her feet lol. Each pack performed a skit and then adults and kids competed in archery for a watermelon. No, Sol did not win the watermelon! All the kids were happy and excited to have their families, but by the time the families were leaving there was a major meltdown... The boys wanted to go home with their families. We thought next time they better make family day the last day of camp instead of during camp. Sweet boys!

Another major event worth documenting is Tala's doing. She decided to fix her eyebrows and she literally shaved a lot of them off with the scissors. When asked why she did it, she said "Women fix their eyebrows!" When I told Sol, he started getting worked up about it. So I asked him, "Remind me, who in your family did that?" He answered, "Seddig (his bro) and his son Samy." I said "It's genetic, runs in the family!" Case closed!

What else? Oh, the garden is flourishing and is looking--and smelling--stunningly beautiful to say the least. The hibiscus bloomed gorgeous humongous pink flowers as large as Tala's head! I'm definitely planting more next year. The stargazers bloomed this week, another must-plant-more next summer! The veggies are growing like crazy. The cucumber plant is spreading in all directions and holding on to other plants around it. We have to keep cutting it down. Tomatoes, peppers, eggplants, and corn are full of fruits. The basil, lavender and mint are so fragrant and full; they please the eyes and the nostrils. Tala is experimenting with making a perfume out of their leaves.

Baba has been happy and excited recently. He received the first 2 copies of his new book. I encouraged him to start the next one and suggested it to be his biography. He's had a rich life that shaped and spanned many major events and turning points in Libya's history. He was influential and instrumental in shaping the banking and the oil sectors in Libya. I do hope he documents those events in a book.

Thinking how to end this ranting, I realized that I did not mention my health. Well, no need... I am happy, feeling healthy, and have abundance of bliss from everyone and everything around me! My happiness will be complete the day I get to share these things with my parents, siblings, and their kids here at my home.

I know I have left out a lot of other fun and not-so-much-fun moments worth mentioning. But time is of the essence and I need to go live those moments. One question lingers: What should I cook today for the week? Sol is taking the kids to Arabic class, so for the next 2 hours, it would be peace and quiet, or boredom and empty house... depends how to look at it!

May Nissma be a source of delight, freshness, pleasantness, and happiness to everyone around her!

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