Saturday, October 17, 2009

Strictly Speaking...

I finally remembered to take the camera, to put this baby on record.

It's no mistake, they really mean it.

...computers are dummer than people. Right?


  1. lol .. I actually had the same encounter with price drop of B&J ice cream at a major super market; it was shown as £3.98 from £3.99! (Something special about these digits) and showing the prices at rival supermarket as £3.99, ohh waaw a 1p saving, and when I pointed that to the manager he said, he said there is no mistake ''what you see is what you get’’... thanks it made me laugh this morning.

  2. What gets me is the detachment of the decision making process from any judgment of what is/not reasonable...

    Re the digital coincidence, I bet you they're all using the same software, or at least the same algorithm, something written in Bombay...

  3. Funny it is lol Hannu !thanks for sharing.

    Some people grab anything that either has the word discount or SALE without actually even looking at it lol .

    Suliman -Algorithim could be written in China lol thats what we get down here !

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