Friday, August 28, 2009

Happy 7th to Lella Minor

Last Wednesday Lella Sgheera turned 7, her birthday coinciding with the start of the new school year. She was more excited than usual, looking forward to taking little treats on the first day, and of course being in the spotlight doesn't hurt. She is growing bigger and brighter, but she is still full of that quality we call innocence. I think innocence is another word for pure objectivity, and everything follows from that. Tala still thinks on her own wavelength, but she is extremely precise, and it is so much fun when we pay attention. "C'mon guys, finish your breakfast, it is 8 o'clock!" Tala's response: "You mean it is 7:51?" This is also the one who asked me once, "Dad, are we giants to ants?" And of course, my favorite is her definition of a nap as "lower-case sleep."

Tala is constantly coming up with fresh ideas. On Tuesday they had the "walk through" school, where kids go to check out their new classrooms, take their supplies and meet the teachers. The kids went with Nicole, and according to her Tala was in top form that day. At one time, as her classroom was crowding with other kids and adult companions, Tala got up and starting waving her hand and shouting,"Excuse me! I have an announcement. Tomorrow is my birthday, and I am going to bring brownies, so make sure you don't miss school tomorrow." Then she still told everyone who walked into the room afterward. When they got home, Tala told Nicole that the following day when she brings them home, she should let Moody say "The last one in the house is a rotten egg," then race in, hide with him inside, then yell "SUPRISE!" when Tala gets in. Nicole asked, "But how can it be a surprise if you're planning the whole thing?" Tala's reply was, "But I can forget by tomorrow!" I love that girl.

There she is with 'Brudder', who got all the donkey teeth he asked Shamsa for.

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