Monday, April 27, 2009

My Mom's Rocking!

Tala has this shirt that says "My Mom's Rocking" with butterflies. Her art class had been practicing self portrait. In every self portrait, she paints herself wearing that shirt... how sweet. The final product you can see framed in this picture above.

The weather has been very nice and warm. We went out yesterday bought dresses for me an Tala. I thought I needed the change and a new look in a dress.


  1. Habibti,you look great!

    you are rocking !
    not much longer-youre in my prayers as I promised you .

    wishing you the best Hana.


  2. Thanks Shahrazad. It does lift the spirit to have a new look.

    Finally the 3rd week which is the worst... And I'm done inshallah.