Sunday, March 15, 2009

Happy B-Day!

Last week Moody got a "Way to go" award for "perfect math test score." He was very happy and excited and so were we. Way to go Moody!

March 12 was Sol's B-Day... Happy birthday. The kids and Nicole baked him a brownie and surprised him. He celebrated by having a colonoscopy, part of the annual physical check.

And today, is my sister Nahla's birthday. Happy B-Day, Nahla.

Tomorrow, I start the third cycle of treatment. It's 5 days of chemotherapy and 3 weeks break. They are not 3 weeks break since the side effects last during those 3 weeks. I won't be going to work, but asked my friends to not leave me alone and to drop by frequently. I'm a little scared just knowing what it's like having been through it before.

It's been nice, sunny and warm lately and supposed to continue this way. I hope it does so I can go for walks in the park.


  1. Happy Birthdays and hope you are doing better.

    America - horse with no name

    America - Ventura Highway

    America - I Need You

  2. happy birthday Sol, wishing you the best in the third round of chemo, you are nearly there, Haneet ya Hana. take care.


  3. Happy Birthday Soliman, nice cake not sure about the other present though :o)

    Hannu, just to let you know that we are thinking of you, take care.

  4. Hey, guys, thanks a lot for dropping by. ML: I enjoyed the music, and the views!

    Things are actually going fairly well now. Hannu is doing much better than last time. My colonoscopy results gave us a little scare but turned out to be OK. And the weather this weekend has been fantastic! Planning to do more yard work later...

  5. Happy Belated Birthday Soliman.....

    Happy Libyan Mothers Day Hana. and may you live to see many more INSHAALLAH.

    Wishing Hana patience and best wishes as the worst is hopefully over.

    Will pray for your lovely family and especially for Hanas health ,our superwoman Libyan blogger!

    May Allah bless you all.