Friday, February 13, 2009

Radiation Done!

On February 4, Sol and I went to the daily radiation therapy session. I was not feeling OK that day, but was happy that Magda was coming Friday to stay a week. She touches our life in a very special way, the way the special person she is.

My vitals were not good, high temperature and signs of dehydration. I was admitted. I wanted to, the nausea was unmanageable too. I insisted on staying till I finish radiation on February 10. And the docs agreed. I returned home the 11th, Anas's birthday... Happy Birthday Anas.

On the 10th, I got to ring the radiation bell to mark completion of radiation therapy. Magda's timing was perfect. It was good having her here while I was at the hospital. She helped a lot and the kids love her! Hope she comes back soon.

The following week stayed home on the sofa. A couple of friends visited; some took me out to the mall, a hair cut (needed) and a house visit. some proved stressful and drained me. Turned out I have a phobia of going out still not completely ready.

This Wed., I stared going to work. Got bored with home and the sofa. Going to work made me realize the stuff is still in my system. I'm weak, not at a good energy level. But I still went. Next battle is chemotherapy on March 16 for 5 days then 3 weeks break. I hope this nausea goes away first.

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