Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Hand Over Karadzic to Turkey

The stock of international justice has been rising lately. First there was the ICC prosecutor's call for issuing an arrest warrant for Sudan's sitting military dictator (aka president) Omar al-Bashir. Now we have the news that Europe's own mass murderer has been arrested. His name is Karadzic, and he's been a "fugitive" for over a decade. It turns out he was no fugitive at all, rather living quite openly in one of Europe's uncivilized pockets, although he did borrow a page from Saddam Hussein's manual of disguise. Karadzic was working as a doctor of "alternative psychiatry," in other words, demonstrating that quackery is hard to shake off. His disguise was only meant to divert the casual observer, but his real cover came from those in power. In a short time since the rise of a party that's seeking EU membership, and literally within days from appointing a new security chief, the rat of Belgrade is captured.

Now what? If you ask me, Europe should use this opportunity to test more of its member wannabes, in particular, Turkey. Give al-Bashir to the Hague, that's fine with me. But in return, why not do something similar with this criminal who represents Europe's uncivilized Christians of former communist societies? Nothing would serve justice better than to hand him over to Bosnia, of course. Back in the sixties, Israel got to try and execute Eichman. Now, we should let a Bosnian court nail this bastard. But, if there is the slightest concern about Bosnia's readiness, impartiality, etc., then just hand him over to Turkey. I am sure the Turks would do the job very well and in keeping with the standards and precedents set by Europe and Israel. Besides, the Turks could benefit from showing themselves fit for EU membership, and the message to Turkey's neighboring European thugs could not be louder or clearer.

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