Sunday, June 29, 2008

Moody's Journal

During the school year, Moody started to keep a journal. It was suggested by his teachers so he would be less distracted and distracting. We also started him on one at home at the same time. We got his journals from school at the end of the year. We were browsing them and could not stop laughing! Moody kept objecting that we were invading his privacy. It really tells about his character.

Here are some excerpts, and yes, I have his permission to publish them! Warning: Some entries are rated PG-13, parental guidance advised!

The home journal was Tala-focused:

He is right... she does and is famous for it. She eats lots of fruits and vegetables, and that comes with it. At one point, we called her a skunk.

The doctor prescribed Jello and Popsicles for Tala when she was once sick. It was not convincing for Moody!

What are big brothers for?! Jackson is her friend from the preschool days.

School Journal:

He even has a comic of the day (PG-13):


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