Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Blogger's FTP troubles

Since May 11th, at least, posting and commenting have not worked smoothly on this blog. There is a glitch in FTP publishing, and a lot of Blogger users have been facing similar problems. It is annoying to post a comment that seems to go through OK, but then it does not show up, or it might show up in some pages/views and not in others.

I just wanted to post this note to apologize to people whose comments have gone invisible, and to let others know before posting a comment. I hope Blogger/Google will get their act together and fix the problem before we get tired of waiting and switch to a different service.

Update--29 May 2008

FTP publishing is working again. All's well for now!


  1. that explains it then :o)

    I tried to wish Hanu a happy mother's day but couldnt comment!

  2. Since you have your own domain name, why don't you use Wordpress (better, more stable and professional blogging platform) and host your site somewhere? That would be great for you and for us, your readers ;)

    btw, I can help you with that.