Monday, March 24, 2008

A noteworthy gift

Yesterday, when I came downstairs in the morning, the little guys had decided to give us a surprise birthday treat. They led me to a table where they had set up two orange juice glasses, complete with straws! There was also a bowl of cereal for me with a ton of milk! lol lol Yes, cereal on the floor, too. Moody told me he wanted to get a bagel ready for Mom, but he decided not to mess with the toaster. Good! And their whole reason for doing it? So we'd have less work on our double birthday. "We wanted to unbusy you," Tala said. lol It took us by surprise, and it was very touching to be unbusy for a moment. Five minutes later, everything was back to normal: "Please sit on your bottom, don't stand on your head on the sofa... lower your voice... no running..." Love them two!


  1. Happy Birthday


    Great kids

  2. Happy Birthday ya Hanu

    its always a pleasure to see pictures of your lovely children

  3. Thank you, musiclover. Seeing the singer's name made me laugh. It brought back memories!

    Anglo, thank you... Always a pleasure to hear from you.

  4. Happy Birthday!! Really cute of your kids to make you breakfast. Enjoy your year!!

  5. hi, happy bd

    solaiman; hope you, the lady and the 2 angels doing fine

    came here just to let you know of a fantastic debate going on between 2 libyan giants in libya, published on libya elyoum ( quick links on my page )

  6. Greetings and thanks to all the Brothers and Sisters.

    Coffman: I went to that Libyan news site, and I almost got a pie in the face, man!

  7. Happy Birthday :)
    and that's REALLY cute!!!

  8. Thanks for dropping by, Maiuna. Yes, it was sweet of them. They can be like that--sometimes!