Sunday, February 03, 2008

It Doesn't End!

Before (with some work done) and after

Two weeks ago, the Boy Scouts held their annual Pinewood Derby. Kids, or more accurately fathers, start with a block of wood and transform it into a race car to compete against the other scouts. It was fun, but took a long time. I don't understand why they planned it for Monday night instead of a weekend night.

Friday, grade reports came home. Moody is doing very well, and exceeding his grade level in some areas--not surprising. Tala had full marks on all categories: Reading, writing, math, and science. Bravo Tala! Now, both are asking for a rip to the toy store.

I found the following information about Westerville School District student diversity. I called the school district 2 months ago looking for this particular information, but could not get it. I was told then that they have it but could not locate it. I'm glad to see it published on the web site now. Look at the number of native languages spoken!

Westerville School District Student Diversity

    • African American - 18.7%
    • American Indian/Native Alaskan - 0.1%
    • Asian/Pacific Islander - 2.1%
    • Hispanic - 2.7%
    • Multi-Racial - 5.7%
    • White - 70.7%
    • Economically Disadvantaged - 20%
    • Limited English Proficient* - 8.9%
      • Number of native languages spoken by students* - 82
      • Countries represented in WCS* - 70
      • Number of students enrolled in English as a Second Language* - 1,276
    • Students with disabilities - 11.4%
    • Identified gifted - 18%

* 2007-08 School Year

I also found that Westerville was listed in the top 100 best places to live, by CNNMoney, ranking 46th.

It's been freaking cold here for weeks and weeks that yesterday felt very warm while it was only 36° F (3° C)!

Yesterday was pictures day at Generations. The whole day was booked for that. Moody had one class pictures in the early afternoon, and both had another in the evening. Next Saturday is pictures day too.

Registration forms for Spring sports are flocking in the mail. Should we sign Moody for soccer? We have not decided yet. He's just not into it, but we don't want to give up yet and make him miss out. But I think he's at the age where he can't be in a team just not to miss out. We need to decide!

With every season, come new activities, and I look forward for things to slow down once the season approaches its end. But, they do not... and the fun doesn't end!

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