Sunday, November 18, 2007

Life's Happenings

Ohio Map by Moody
We had parent-teacher conferences last week. They both went very well. Moody is confirmed with tests to read at the 3rd-grade level. It was recommended that we introduce him to 2nd-grade math to keep him challenged. Tala's report was impressive too. She is in her way to reading. We have to do more of that with her. Fortunately for Moody, we had Barbi, the nanny, who worked diligently to teach him to read. We were very lucky with Barbi and Alicja.

The nanny saga still continues. On Friday, we fired the second nanny we had since Alicja left in October. That one was a pathological liar... a psychopath. We are on the hunt again. A temp is coming on Monday and we agreed to try it out and see if we should offer her the position.

Columbus Meusum of Art
I am slacking behind in so many things. I have been enjoying the free time on the weekends, just being lazy with the family and not doing much on the piles of things that need to be done! I need to sort out the piles of books and notebooks from my studies. I need to organize the piles of pictures scattered everywhere around the house. I need to sort the kids' closets and do away with the summer clothes and small clothes. I need to launch the 2008 Tibra Awards. That is another story, I'm slacking not just because I am being lazy, but also because I am tired of running it year after year with minimal contribution and help. It is just tiring, daunting, and makes me wonder why the hell do I need to do it? I will have to get to it before December. Or, I will get to it when I get to it.

Moody's face in COSI's Pinwall
Those piles can wait. It is more fun to spend time with the family. Last Weekend, we took a hike in the dark in Sharon Woods' nature trail, with the park naturalist, looking out for flying squirrels. We didn't see any flying squirrels, but lots of deer, and had lots of fun. A trip to the Columbus Museum of Art was entertaining to the kids and to me. Yesterday, we went to COSI and it was the first time in a long time for the whole family to visit it together.

It's Thanksgiving time! The kid are buzzing with excitement! My shopping list is ready. The turkey is ordered. The list of guests not confirmed yet. The kids want to see Sesame Street Live, which had been a Thanksgiving tradition for us. It would probably be the last since they are growing it.

Cat by Tala

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