Saturday, October 13, 2007

It's Wonderful Eid!

Ramadan gone in a flash! Now it's Eid and Toys'R'Us day. Taking the kids to Toys'R'Us reminds me of the old days in Benghazi when we used to go shopping for toys from the one and only toy store that almost had nothing to offer. It was in the late 70s early 80s.

The only flavor we had of Ramadan this year was when Fairy Godmother Magda visited. I came home on Friday that week, after she told me she was not staying for the weekend, to find the house filled with Ramadan aroma--for the first and only time this year. She was cooking all kinds of things. It was so sweet of her and so nice to have her and spend time with her.

Tala is growing and growing and growing. It is such a delight to see the changes in her. She has a remarkable logic, and is very analytical--taking after her mother. She calls a nap lower-case sleep. Think about it... She's right!

And Moody is growing and maturing... Yay! He said to me yesterday, "Life is doors, and doors, and doors; never ending doors. And the mind is like a big room with lots of doors. Every door you open shows you something new." I was amazed--I didn't think he could think at that level!

We are on the hunt for a nanny again. Alicja had to leave because Lech, her hubby, is relocating to an Indiana job. What a loss for us! When Moody knew, he told her she should leave Lech. And then he strated matchmaking and finding her another husband. His pick was not bad at all. A son of Alicja's friend who's 16 and extremely gorgeous. Anyhow, we found a nanny to replace her who had excellent references. In her second day in the job, I called Sol around 9 am and he was still home. He was making an ice pack for the nanny who now has a broken wrist. Wonderful! Aside from that, she sits all day and keeps giving the kids dimes for finishing chores for her and fetching things. Wonderful!

I am having a blast at work. My job progressed in so many ways and I'm making unprecedented headways and big impact on the business. I received an exceptional raise this month, with the plan to move to a new position--created specifically for me--in January, with more raise. My accomplishments at school seem to be never-ending! I received a message from Fisher this week that I am the recipient of the Fisher Scholar Award and the Weidler Award. More power to me and a pat on the back!

Our Eid started last night with the movie night. I ordered pizza from Donato's for pick up since we can't have them deliver (Sol's doing!) At the pick up window, I was handed 2 medium boxes. Of course, they messed up our order to something not even close to what I ordered. So, the kids and I had to wait in the parking lot till they redo it for us. Sol picked a movie from Blockbuster. 10 minutes in the movie, we decided it was not appropriate for our kids. He said there was another one he could get about a horse and 2 kids and had to do with heading to the West. I told him as long as it was not that Irish stupid movie that we once watched. Of course, he came back and it was that same Irish movie that we asked him not to bring! He had to go back a third time and bring a third one, which I slept through from beginning to end!

Last games for baseball and soccer today and tomorrow. After that it's lunch, the toy store, and maybe a movie. Later today we have 2 nanny interviews. Dinner will be out to a special place.

It's wonderful wonderful Eid... Happy Eid!


  1. seems you had a very nice time.. Happy Eid to you all and yeah Tala is growing. Wish you good luck at work and may I say congratulations ! for the new position created specially for you.

    BTW Mabrouk 2 Ahmad 4 the Golden Eagle,:)

  2. sure it is!, happy and blessed Eid to you and your family :)

  3. glad you had a wonderful Eid
    best wishes to you all.

  4. Thank you all for the wishes. Hope you all had a good one too!