Saturday, September 29, 2007

Sweet 16!

Shosho turned 16 on September 23! She had a successful exhibit of her artwork in Cairo recently. She was written up in many newspapers, and interviewed for TV. The most circulated article that covered her exhibit was published on Asharq Alawsat on September 27.

Not to spoil the occasion, but I can't turn off my critical mind: The article says she is not 15 yet, while she already turned 16 days before then and the interviewer knew about it. It could be for melodramatic effect or just a result of poor listening skills. There is another discrepancy in the article contradicting what Shatha really said at the interview, but I'll let it rest now for Hatem's sake lol. Of course, most of our beloved Libyan news outlets copied the article. They are not violating any rights (based on their ethics standards); they added a line citing the source--with no link of course... And then, being that Shatha is Libyan, that makes them the copy rights owners of anything written about her. Ya salam!

Shosho was disappointed in me because I didn't call her or send her flowers on the opening of her exhibit. Rightfully so, Shosho, but it didn't occur to me to do that. It was the first time a dear one holds an art exhibit. And then to add "moisture to the mud", I didn't call her on her birthday! Bad khwela, where can I hide my shame!

Sweet Shosho, you've been on my mind and I didn't forget your birthday. It's just the timing was not right for me. But, brace yourself for what's coming. I love you and am so proud of you. Hold on to the painting above for me as we agreed till we find a way to get it here. I'd say we take Noha up on her offer! hehehe

Happy Birthday!

An article on al-Araby


    YA i was disappointed ...no0 just kidding i love u 2 n thx for every thing
    take care xox

  2. Mash'Allah talented wall'ahi

    any may be she should participate in the next exhibit here in Libya next month.. Good work and wish you luck in your next Academy study..

    BTW Happy birthday et 3oqbal 100 3am

    Hannu u always impressed me with Libyans talent