Monday, August 06, 2007

Shatha's Creations إبداعات ليبية

My niece, Shatha, is holding an exhibit of her work in Cairo, Egypt, on August 12, 2007.

Poem by Shatha's proud grandfather, Libyan poet Ragab el-Magri.

الشعر بقلم الشاعر الليبي رجب الماجري، جد شذى الفخور.



  1. what a small world :o)

    I knew Hatem when I was very young, I actually am a close friend of Hatem's cousin, Imad who lives in Tripoli.

    best of luck to Shatha.

  2. That's nice to know, Anglo. My family, Hatem's and Imad's go a long way back to before any of us children were born or our fathers were married. Dad and 3amo Ragab grew up together in Derna and studied in Egypt together; same for Imad's father. All families ended up in Tripoli at some point. Fairouz and Hatem getting married was inevitable :)

  3. I was actually with Imad's father when he died of a heartattck here in London, Imad's mum soemtimes stays with us when she is in London, I even visited Hatem's sister when she was living in UK with her husband and children.
    according to my mum, families used to be neighbours in Benghazi befire we all moved to Tripoli :o)

  4. hey hano thank u for ur concernment & ur support
    thank u anglo for the luck ;)

  5. I will inform my siblings to visit the show. I am not sure if they are into arts as for my parents used to visit galleries in Cairo since 1977 but due to health reasons they are not able anymore.