Friday, April 06, 2007

Seasonal Confusion!

It's that time of the year. One day it's 80°F(27°C) and sunny, the next it's below 30°F (-1°C) and snowing. The last 2 weekends, we had wonderful weather. We went to the park, on bike rides, and got to clean the front yard. It all ended this Wednesday when it went back to freezing. It's been snowing since then; not much, but disappointing and annoying enough! We need to clean the back yard, spread the mulch, mow the lawn. But that ain't going to happen in this weather! Last week after class, I was walking out with a friend. As soon as we exited the building, we were greeted with the smell of freshly-spread mulch. Simultaneously, my friend said "phewee!" And I said, "aaaah!" She couldn't understand why I like such a smell, I told her it's the association of the smell with spring. I don't think she got it still :)

Soccer season started few weeks back. But because of the weather, Moody had 2 practices only, and Tala none. Moody's practice always fell on muddy or chilly days. Tala's sessions were cancelled for the bad weather. The kids are in Spring break this week and would resume school on Monday. They have been having a blast with Alicja; rain, snow, or shine, they're doing something fun.

Moody is reading chapter books! On Tuesdays, he brings from school two books in a Ziploc bag. They call it Bag-a-Book. Children would read the books at home with the help of their parents and then rate the books in the sheet provided, take them back to school the next Tuesday, and read them to the teacher. Usually, Moody reads the books to us with no help. Few weeks ago, the teacher took Moody to the second-grade class so he would pick books from that level. Way to go Moody!

We have been doing so well with the change in our schedule since I started work. It's been smooth. I'm still at the discovery stage at work, from both ends. I like it very much though, and I'm excited to go to work every morning. The only thing that I still have to get used to is the drive. I drive 102 miles (163 km) a day on Mon., Wed., Thur., and some Fridays from home, to work, to school, to home; and 66 miles (106 km) a day on the rest of the week. It's a bit tiring still, but I'm enjoying my time alone. The drive from home to work is on a semi-country road, driving by fields and farms and treed areas. The signs of Spring are evident in the change of colors and landscape as trees and flowers are blooming, and empty fields are starting to fill.

Moody had been wanting to go to Meet the Robinsons and I promised him that for the weekend. Yesterday, Alicjia called me at work and said Moody was begging to go to the movie. Since they both had been really good with her, I told her to take them and visit Mr. Bunny if he's still there and take some pictures. The movie was 3-D. They had a blast--followed by ice cream and a visit to the Easter Bunny! Today, Good Friday, is a holiday at work, but I had a guest-speaker class in the morning. I came home around noon. The kids were happy to see me, though Tala had a mixed reaction to the change in routine. I kept asking them what they wanted to do and suggested many places we could go to and things we can do, but they wanted to stay home and watch a movie. I was all for that myself! We cuddled up on the sofa, and watched Finding Nemo. I had a good nap watching the movie :)

Weather permitting, we will go to the Egg Hunt at Highbanks Park tomorrow morning. I doubt it though; It's snowing heavily now, big nice flakes! I could do some shopping instead, and we could finish our search for a grill.


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