Saturday, March 24, 2007

B-Day Delights!

Ayman, Amel, and Safoo

It seems like life is really different after forty. There is calm, there's content, and most of all, there's more self confidence. My birthday this year had been very pleasant and tranquil. I am so touched by how everyone important in my life wished me a happy birthday in a completely different way. What else could one wish for but to be surrounded by wonderful thoughtful husband, children, parents, siblings, nephews and nieces! It is not the physical closeness that matters, but the connect and the tie that surpasses the chronological and geographical separation.

Yesterday, I received my first e-card from Baba. It's animated. I played it over and over, and over, and... I couldn't capture the animation itself to save it, so I just added the text to the card image. I can now read it over, and over, and over... I was in tears when my parents, Noha and her gang called me at work and sang Happy Birthday. I got home, and found a phone message from them singing again!

Shosho greeted me in the morning with this post on her blog. Later when I was leaving work, She and Fairouz called me on the phone. I got home and found A FedEx package on the kitchen island. Inside it was this beautifully-wrapped, nice-smelling gift that had "fairy dust" all over it. It was from Elmagris wrapped by Shosho!

I got an email from Lui saying : "... wish u have a gr8 year full of joy success and happyness and i just realized some how we both are the oldest :P..." Hold, on, I though. I'm not the oldest; what's he saying. I read on, "... since u r ma oldest aunt and im ur oldest nephew." A ha!



  1. Dear Hannu,
    Happy birthday and many happy returns. Hmm, just keep an eye on the post ... something delicious on its way .....

    Hugs & kisses

  2. Hmmm, delicious... A break from the diet I've been struggling to start :)

    Thanks, Soad!