Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Here and There...

I drove back to Columbus on Friday evening. Saturday morning, I had two exams from 8:30 till 1 pm. Back home and we all went to Panera for lunch, picked up the party balloons and stuff, stopped for some more party supplies from Kroger's, and picked the cake--a Harry Potter one.

At the party place, we waited and waited and jumped and bounced, but nobody showed up. Moody kept saying, "It'll be sad if no one comes!" Well no one did, but we had fun nonetheless. The four of us jumped and bounced away for a full hour; it was hilarious and Moody was happy. At cake time, Moody asked Rachel, the girl they befriedned, to join us with her parents. They did, and we had a VERY interesting conversation with Rachel's parents.

When we got home, I opened one of the extra invitations sitting on the desk... It read "Date: Saturday, June 13!" What a mistake! Apparently, Barbi was absentminded when she filled them out. We explained to Moody why his friends didn't show up; he was not happy with Barbi and made it clear to her on Monday. Now we need to call everyone and make plans for ice cream outing this Saturday... gotta make up for Moody!

Finally, we got to work on the yard! Sunday morning we went to Oakland nursery got flowers, veggies, and herbs. The kids enjoyed it and helped choose flowers, most of which were red because it's my "favorite color," they kept saying. Moody helped Sol with the veggies and Tala was helping me using her "shovel," taking the topsoil the I put in the flowerpots. Shed did plant the white flowers she's posing proudly next to.

Sol in the picture in the middle of my perennial garden... I'm so proud of it! It was nothing like this when we got the house; was all a bed of weeds and three rose bushes we got rid of. I kept planting and rearranging perennial flowers every season and quite happy with the way it developed.

While Tala, Moody and I were working on the flowerpots, Sol spotted a tiny creature moving in the grass. To me it looked like a mouse, but sure was not when we had a close look at it. It was a tiny tiny baby that had no apparent eyes, an offspring of some animal... could be a mole.

I'm leaving to Louisville with the rest of the team in 30 minutes. I'm following the rest on my own car since it makes more sense for me to drive back to Columbus from there instead of coming all the way back here. Saturday will be Moody's makeup get together and then we'll head to Ashland for Moody's camp orientation. He'll be gone for a week starting July 31... sounds scary!


  1. Thank you Suliman and Hanu for your wishes. I'm back to rading blogs again.

    Hanu looks like you had fun with at the bouncy castle , I admit I never bounced on one and would love to one day !.

    Also your gardening reminds me of mum, like you she has 'green fingers' and cannot resist any plant. Sometimes I have to stop at her whim because she spotted some plant or flower she does not have.

    Beautiful garden

  2. Hi, HL, welcome back. One secret to having a nice garden is having some good silent labor. lol lol

    Also, remember those slides are actually kinda dangerous for adults, as we discovered. You're told not to lean on your elbows or other exposed skin because it just gets scraped on the plastic. Hanu and I went home with scuffed up elbows, but the kids had no problem!