Wednesday, November 23, 2005

A White Thanksgiving

Tala's Turkey

Turkey birds are different.
From sea to shining sea,
And you'll never see another bird
Like this one to you from me.

Can you see what makes him different?
Do you need some helpful hints?
I made him from my very own
Thumbs and fingerprints!!!

Thanksgiving--our favorite holiday! It's the holiday the whole country celebrates with us. And... it's snowing, and we're enjoying it! The kids can't contain themselves; they so much want to play outside. I told them we would if the weather gets better later; it's a bit windy and freezing now. Today's low is 30°F, high is 35°; it's now 21° with the wind chill... brrrr! Tomorrow's expected to be 30° to 15° with more snow.

Moody's yellow belt ceremony is today. And the turkey is arriving today.

White Thanksgiving!
Dregias Thanksgiving menu:

- Turkey
- Gravy
- Peach and mango chutney
- Rice with almonds, and pine nuts
- Green beans casserole
- Yams (maybe. Nobody likes them here!)
- Pecan pie



  1. Happy thanksgiving Hanu :)

  2. Yummy menu, but where is the pumpkin pie?

  3. Magda, now whenever there's snow you come to mind! he he he... consider all snow pictures a gift for you!

    We don't like pumpkin pies; who does! The alternative we would eat is Kathy's pumkin cheese cake... It's really yummy. If you try my pecan pie (actually it is a tart but we keep calling it a pie) you wouldn't ask about anything else.

  4. thank u Hana, actually I think you are sending positive "snow" thoughts because its very nippy at the moment (7:29pm London time), and there is snow in Northern Ireland and England, if I tap my red shoes like dorothy in the wizard of oz maybe I will get snow this year. As to the pecan it does look so very good, I would jump on a plane this moment to ohio to eat the yummy leftovers with you guys, I love leftovers. But I still LOVE pumpkin pie, maybe its a required taste, didn't like it as a kid but now I do..funny that. m xxxx

  5. Magda, you're welcome anytime, but if you promise to take all the snow with you, then we'll pay your airfare!

    I also wanted to note (proudly) how well Tala writes at her age. She wrote her name on that artwork above. That little girl definitely has the hands of Midas, the Greek guy not the muffler shop!

  6. well noted ya Hana, Tala's artwork, and penmanship is of a high artistic standard, the kid's got talent. ;) You should be very proud. Get the girl in your suitcase when you visit and we can take her to some amazing museums here in London. The Tate Modern comes to mind. As to visiting, don't tempt me....except I am going to visit my Dad in Libya for our annual x-mas break to Tripoli. If you want anything from Tripoli just ask, and I will post it to you guys, but please no more hurricanes, the royal british mail cannot deal with it. :))

  7. sorry Suliman, I tapped away without realizing you were NOT Hana. Oops.... Belated Happy Ramathan and Happy Eid to you and your family ya Suliman. As to the snow bring it you guys, we are needing snow badly in London. I really want to make snow angels in the parks, but I have no kids to drag to the park so I can pretend it was there idea. I will hijack one of my cute baby cousins maybe.

  8. To solve your problem, you can take the kids too along with the snow... lol!

  9. Hi, Magda, no problem, and thank you for all your thoughts. Seriously, if you ever come to these parts, make sure it's early fall (Sep-Oct) the most beautiful time of year, I think, by far. Now it is -6 °C and dropping!

  10. Dear Hana and Suliman

    You guys are hilarious. Thanks for the invite. As to Tala and Moody playing snow angels....I get the impression it would be fun. Happy Anniverary you two.